Who We Are

We aim to give our students the best service so they enjoy learning rather than it becoming a chore. Our programmes establish strong foundations in Maths and English, enabling your child to develop the knowledge to tackle the task with success.

Rather than offering conventional Maths and English tuition, our Instructors set themselves apart by guiding students through carefully designed lessons with material set at just the right level for them. This enables your child to be engaged, challenged and continuously striving for success. Our resources are carefully curated and assigned to target areas where improvement is needed most. Our students not only develop their skills in this process but also gain a sound understanding of the fundamentals, resulting in an optimised performance levels increase.

Our staff encourage students to work out solutions in a way best suited to their learning style. This helps them to become self-sufficient and confident in themselves.

By attending classes often and working with tutors, our students increase their ability to build their skills in small, manageable steps. This leads to increased performance levels and better results in the classroom.

Evergreen Education offers a variety of classes to student from our centre in Hammersmith.

Courses We Offer

At Evergreen, we have a range of courses especially designed for students at any level. Get in touch today for your free initial assessment, to see how we can your child achieve their full potential.

Our core classes include:

  • KS 1-2 English
  • KS 1-2 Maths


  • KS 3-4 English
  • KS 3-4 Maths
  • KS 3-4 Science

“Our programmes are created by tutors with a wealth of experience and knowledge, helping your child learn and grow.”

Evergreen Education