The Evergreen English Programme helps early learners to understand written forms of words, spoken words and how to connect sounds to written words. The child creates the ability to write those sounds and develop ability to read confidentially.

We aim to develop a fun approach to learning as we feel that this method of learning develops enthusiasm, engagement and concentration. Working through their colorful worksheets with an early learner assistant is not only fun and engaging but creates a positive learning experience for the child.

Evergreen study is individualised, meaning that each student works at exactly the right level for them. This builds their confidence and allows positive learning, letting your younger children develop and grow.

The Evergreen English Programme develops our students reading and writing skills, allowing them to achieve with great success.

We aim to assess your child’s ability level in our FREE introductory lesson. We value the importance of building your child’s confidence and enjoyment. They will feel confident that they can achieve anything and develop the necessary study skills to conquer even the most difficult exams.

By creating a positive learning experience, we help our students to grow inspiration and enthusiasm in learning.

Through worksheet and online study your child will build the skills necessary to read, understand and critique what they have read thoroughly. The English programme aims to engage learners in a way that builds confidence and encourages them, whilst building a love of reading and a love of learning along the way.

The Evergreen Programme enables our older students to develop reading and writing skills to an exceptional level. We will improve their memory skills and ability to self learn, their vocabulary and improve their comprehension skills, therefore improving their ability to conquer the most difficult challenges in both school and everyday life.

The Evergreen English Programme focuses on developing students’ ability to read and write at a high level. Students are also encouraged critique and explain what they have read effectively.