Key Stage 1 - 4 English, Maths and Science

Ages 5 and Under | Ages 6 - 11 | Ages 12 +

"Our Programmes are determined on the right level for your child, enabling them to grow and achieve. This not only give the most outstanding results but it also creates confidence and a passion for learning and growing. 

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A variety of topics at a level that is effective for your child

Customised lessons allowing students to work at their own pace

Use of interesting learning resources to accommodate different learning styles


One to one teaching with more attention

Tutors who understand the pupil’s specific learning styles and foster positive relationships


Increase pupil’s confidence

By providing opportunities for them to express themselves without class peer pressures

Help with homework and exam preparation

Use activities and worksheets to help troubleshoot and improve areas of learning


Provide timely and effective feedback

To identify any gaps in knowledge through constructive feedback for future lesson planning


11-Plus Exam preparation and guidance

Improve English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning & Non Verbal Reasoning skills

English and Maths Skills

Courses cover a variety of topics at a level that is effective for your child.


• Subtraction, addition, multiplication & division
• Decimals, fractions & percentages
• Geometry, shapes and algebra


• Phonics & vocabulary building
• Comprehension, reading and writing skills
• Grammar and punctuation


• Word problems & problem solving
• Money, calendars and telling the time
• Data handling, probability and reasoning


• Develop a love of reading
• Read increasingly challenging materials independently
• Express ideas verbally and confidently

Learning and Growing

Continuous development through the Evergreen dynamic studying programme


Provide flexible and convenient learning built around the school and extracurricular activities.


Help with homework and practice tests trouble shoot weak point and challenge higher levels


We use a variety of interesting learning resources suitable for different learning styles, in order to achieve the highest results

With experienced tutors, you're in safe hands

Every student regardless of age and ability, deserves a high quality teacher. We achieve this by implementing a strategic managerial approach to recruitment and selection.