The Evergreen Junior Maths Programme develops the skills needed to study and also enables them to build solid foundations in numeracy.

Our Instructors encourage students in all aspects of study. We try to promote and maintain enthusiasm within our workshops and this is also reflected within the worksheets. Evergreen Education promotes excitement as we feel that this approach in teaching maintains focus and enables the student to work effectively. We look at variety of things such as; the grip on the pencil, how the child focuses, how the child maintains their focus, building stamina and the way they sit.

Early learners are on a gradual process of developing knowledge. We gradually increase the amount of work, either at the study center or at home. This allows the Student to help maintain concentration skills, numerical skills and enthusiasm.

Evergreen education enhances young learners confidence by engaging the child and building enthusiasm and excitement within the work shop activities. We try to a “fun approach” to our activities, as we find that the child engages well and also gradually develops their understanding and confidence. We approach numbers by first reading numbers and learning how to count.

Our Maths Programme allows students of any ability to understand Maths with confidence. When a child studies daily, students build the ability to become enthusiastic as well as positive and confident in their learning and ability.

Evergreen Education Instructors review the study pogramme at the right level for your child. This may mean that if a child is more advance, beyond their age, they then have the ability to study just at the right level. The student may need more challenging work to learn beyond school level and progress their abilities to an advanced level.

Our aim is to build a love for maths. The pogramme aims to develop enthusiasm and excitement for maths. Students will work through different levels of the pogramme and new topic areas are introduced. We not only aim to create a love for maths but we also keep the pogramme challenging. This allows the student to take ownership and allowing them to be challenged as their self belief and development grows.

Our Pogramme is based on the right level for your child, enabling them to grow and achieve. This not only creates results but it also creates confidence and a passion for learning and growing.

Our Pogramme requires our Students to set aside time each day for Evergreen study. This allows the Student to recap over what has been taught and it puts the child into good learning habits. With dedication, great results can be achieved and confidence and enthusiasm in the student becomes more apparent.

The pogramme is not set to the curriculum but rather based on the Students ability. So therefore, regardless of age our pogramme provides the Student the opportunity to challenge themselves which is not only mentally stimulating but also creates a positive outlook. This gives the student ability to work on mathematical problems beyond their school grade.

Evergreen Maths Programme helps achieve the right skills to develop self learning skills. Self study skills are crucial for their development and will become a positive asset throughout their studies to university and beyond.